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more than 700 detained sturnidae birds were set free with the help of police
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More than 700 detained Sturnidae birds were set free with the help of police

More than 700 detained Sturnidae birds were set free with the help of police

Bangladesh is a land rich in resources and natural beauty. Birds play an important role in enhancing the beauty of nature in Bangladesh. The attractive sight and sound of birds make the spring season here joyous, especially in village settings.

Various birds, ranging from woodland birds to waterbirds, can be spotted. During the winter, migratory birds from the Himalayas and Siberia visit our country for shelter and food. After spring, these birds return home. However, illegal bird hunting/trapping/trading is one of the horrible crimes that has persisted over the years.

Recently, more than 700 captives Sturnidae (locally known as Shalik) set free at Mollahat in Bagerhat District with the help of police. Malahat police released the birds from the Mollahat police station and Rajput area.

Police raided the Rajput area of ​​Gaola union in Mollahat Upazila and recovered more than 700 Sturnidae from two houses. However, the police could not arrest anyone in the incident.

Police have seen that a man built a poultry farm with hundreds of Sturnidae in that area. Poachers’ world traps those birds attempting various techniques, and sells them in Khulna and surrounding areas.

According to the locals, no one eats Sturnidae in this area. However, in different hotels, the meat of this statue is fed as a quail bird. Besides, there is a practice of keeping Sturnidae in the house fancy.

Somen Das, Police Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Mollahat Pollice station, said, “From a reliable secret source, we came to know that different types of birds have been trapped in a village in Gaola Union.

After receiving the news, we went on an expedition late at night. At that time, more than 500 Sturnidae were rescued from the house of a person called Kaka Mia in the Rajput area, later rescued 200 Sturnidae from another place nearby.”

The OC further said, “The rescued Sturnidae used to be sold in different areas, including Khulna. Usually, these birds get trapped from local beel-baors. Sensing the operation, the person holding the Sturnidae fled.”

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