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nsu and jica are working together to combat air pollution in dhaka and chattagram
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NSU and JICA are working together to combat air pollution in Dhaka and Chattagram

NSU and JICA are working together to combat air pollution in Dhaka and Chattagram

The Aerosol Research Lab of North South University (NSU) participated in a discussion meeting at JICA’s head office in Bangladesh. At this time, both sides have highlighted their efforts and commitment to combat air pollution. The meeting was held on November 11, 2023.

In the meeting, JICA representative Murakami Shin highlighted their collaborative efforts to combat air pollution in Dhaka and Chattagram. At this time, both sides discussed the aspects to be done to solve the crisis according to the necessary policies of the Bangladesh government.

Feroze Khan, Associate Professor of Environmental Science and Management Department of NSU, introduced the basic techniques of air purification.

He highlighted the significance of the Bangladesh Air Pollution (Control) Regulations 2022 and emphasized the need for strict control at the centers of pollution.

Feroze Khan mentions the disparity of indoor architecture in urban areas. He emphasized the dangers of using hardwood, dung, charcoal, and coal and called for traditional interior design and safe cooking stoves in rural areas.

JICA’s headquarters in Japan has taken several initiatives to improve air quality in Bangladesh. They plan to support the Department of Environment (DOE), Bangladesh, which will improve basic air pollution monitoring and capacity building.

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