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last year 1.60 million tons of waste has been produced in bangladesh
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Last year, 1.60 million tons of waste has been produced in Bangladesh

Last year, 1.60 million tons of waste has been produced in Bangladesh

The roads of Dhaka get flooded with a little rain. It requires hour after hour to drain. That too can be accepted. But water accumulates on the flyover for 22-24 hours.

One of the reasons for this is the sticking of polythene in the water drainage area, and those are mostly packeting of chips, shampoos, soaps, sauces, etc. The question is, who threw so much polythene?

In the fiscal year 2021-22, 1.60 million tons of waste was generated from single-use plastics. Among them, about one-fifth of those are mini packs of various consumer products, according to a study titled Plastic sachet: Small packet with huge environmental destruction by the research organization Environment and Social Development Organization (ESDO).

According to ESDO’s research data, minipacks of food (chips, tomato sauce, juice, powdered milk, coffee, etc.) alone accounted for 40 percent of microplastic waste generation.

Microplastic waste has become a growing concern. Because plastic remains in the environment for a long time in a non-degradable state. From waterlogging in cities to river pollution, plastic is playing a major role.

ESDO’s survey suggests that people in the 15-19 age group are most likely to use sachet products in Bangladesh. They mostly use food packaging for personal care items like shampoo, conditioner, sauces, and coffee.

Usage data was calculated accordingly. Municipalities use approximately 129 plastic bags every 5 to 50 years in Bangladesh.

Now, environmentalists are talking about this primary method to escape from plastic. They say that those who use this huge plastic must find a way out of this disaster along with them.

ESDO’s survey also said that the prevalence of sachet product usage is higher among people aged 15–19 years. Keeping that age in mind, they want to clean the streets from the Lalmatia area to Mohammadpur Town Hall, Asad Gate, Jatiya Sangsad Bhavan area, and Dhanmondi Road no. 27 to Lalmatia Housing Society School of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, by collecting waste and cleaning the streets to convey the message that littering is not acceptable.

One-time minipack plastic use has increased in every country in the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including Bangladesh. China, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc., have been reported to be growing everywhere.

Apart from government agencies in those countries, many private organizations are also involved in the management of these wastes.

Lelin Chowdhury, joint general secretary of ‘Parivesh Bachao Andolan (Save The Environment Movement)‘, thinks that instead of collecting polythene, we should focus on how to stop its production.

Then those who use it must control it. He warned about the health risks of using polyethylene plastic, emphasizing that its harmful effects on human health are difficult to imagine.

The government of Bangladesh banned the use of polythene shopping bags in 2002 for the sake of environmental protection.

The Bangladesh Environmental Protection Act prohibits the production, importation, marketing, sale, display, storage, and distribution of all types of polythene shopping bags. Violations can result in imprisonment and fines.

Environmental rights activists argue that the production and consumption of polythene continue despite its harmful effects. This happens because polythene is still being produced and promoted, and people don’t want to change their habits.

Polythene is used because it is inexpensive and convenient for storing, carrying, and handling. However, the most hazardous aspect is its disposal.

Don’t even think about how this polythene is causing danger. The alternatives available in the market have not been widely disseminated or popularized.

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