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piling canal waste on the roadside of a road at chattagram, bangladesh, creates a nuisance in the environment
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Piling canal waste on the roadside of a road at Chattagram

Piling canal waste on the roadside of a road at Chattagram, Bangladesh, creates a nuisance in the environment 


Garbage is piling up on the road from the Chaktai canal in the Fultala area of ​​Chawkbazar of Chattagram metropolis. Locals and pedestrians have been suffering for weeks as waste dumps on the road.

According to the locals, the waste removes from the canal about a week ago. Later they were piled up on the road. Garbage piles and plastic and biodegradable household waste dump on the road.

When pedestrians pass by the streets, they have to block their noses with their hands to protect themselves from the smell of Garbage.

A resident name Shamsuddin said, “I do not understand why the employees of the city corporation have left piles of dirt on the streets day after day. We are having trouble walking on the road due to the pile of Garbage.”

Palash, another resident, said: ‘On the first day of the removal of waste from the canal, the whole area became monotonous with the dirty black water of the canal. The people of the region have to go through all this. “

Rafiq from the same area said, “Garbage has been piled up here for about seven days. Garbage has hardened as it is lefts in the sun. We cannot even stay at home because of the stench. There is also a problem with the road.”

When asked whether they contacted the local ward councilor or the Chattagram city corporation (CCC) to solve the problem, then the local residence Abdus Shukkur said, “We requested the local supervisor of CCC’s waste management department three days ago to remove the piles of rubbish from the roadsides. However, I do not see any progress in this regard. ‘

Shahidul Alam, councilor of CCC 17 (West Bakalia) ward, said, “A few days ago, after seeing the wastewater mixed into the canal water, I instructed the CCC waste management department to remove the garbage from the roadside immediately.

The Chattagram Development Authority (CDA) has cleared the canal under a mega project to alleviate the city’s waterlogging, and it is their responsibility to remove this waste.”

When contacted, Lieutenant Colonel Shah Ali, director of the CDA Mega Project on Waterlogging, said, “We will remove the waste from the road soon.”

“The rubbish was placed on the road to be dried in the sun and drained.” Because the local councilors complained that when we put raw Garbage in the car, the road became dirty and muddy, so we leave the waste on the road for 2-3 days,” he added.

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