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plastic waste is polluting the tourist centers in india
Aivee Akther International Environment

Plastic waste is polluting the Tourist centers in India

Plastic waste is polluting the Tourist centers in India


In Himachal Pradesh, India, the mountains surrounded by greenery on all sides will make anyone’s eyes dazzle.

However, the surrounding plastic garbage is dimming that beauty. Pollution affects the various tourist centers of the country.

Even with various awareness measures, the level of plastic pollution remains out of control. Tourists are throwing packets of chips and water bottles everywhere while traveling, which is deteriorating the environment.

Residents complain that tourists bring water bottles and packets of different food from outside and leave them behind. That is why the entire region is under threat now. Foreign travelers are losing interest due to the dirty environment.

Amit Kashyap, Director of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Department, said, “Surveillance has increased through CCTV cameras. However, it is difficult to reduce the level of pollution if people are unaware. “

“The local administration has taken the initiative to take action against the tourists who are destroying the environment.

Nevertheless, first of all, people need a clear mind about the environment. Only then will the pollution reduce,” he added.

According to data, about 14 million tons of plastic uses in India annually. The Indian government has already banned 19 types of single-use plastic products to prevent environmental pollution.

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