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swiss army knife needed to reduce carbon emissions bill gates
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‘Swiss Army Knife’ needed to reduce carbon emissions: Bill Gates

‘Swiss Army Knife’ needed to reduce carbon emissions: Bill Gates


Bill Gates, the co-founder of the technology company “Microsoft,” is one of the top wealthiest people in the world. He is also the co-founder of the “Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.” Recently, on his website Gates Notes, he wrote about the vast potential of hydrogen in terms of clean energy.

When most people think of greenhouse gas emissions, cars and electricity come to mind. The reason they think so is that every day they turn the key to start the car engine, press the button to turn on the computer and use the switch to turn on the light, turn the fan or turn on the air conditioner.

The good news is that to reduce the carbon emissions of these activities, we have already started walking the path of using energy like solar, wind and nuclear power, and lithium batteries.

However, the concern here is that through this process, we will only be able to reduce one-third of the total carbon emissions in the world.

The remaining two-thirds, amounting to about 3.5 billion tons—of carbon emissions are difficult for most people to grasp. Let us give an example; we all use products made of cement, plastic, and steel.

However, most of us do not produce these products or put them on cargo ships. We need new technologies to reduce carbon emissions from these products to zero.

We have to enter the era of clean hydrogen or environmentally friendly hydrogen. The potential for this clean hydrogen is so great that some people like to call it the ‘Swiss Army knife‘ of cutting carbon emissions.

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