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protecting the environment will become a challenge if plastic products are not stopped,  ferdous ahmed, h’ble member of parliament, bangladesh
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Protecting the environment will become a challenge if plastic products are not stopped:  Ferdous Ahmed, H’ble Member of Parliament, Bangladesh

Protecting the environment will become a challenge if plastic products are not stopped:  Ferdous Ahmed, Hon’ble Member of Parliament, Bangladesh

Actor Ferdous Ahmed, Member of Parliament of Dhaka-10 Constituency, Bangladesh, is demanding a ban on single-use plastic products.

Referring to the lack of visible steps taken by the relevant government agencies to stop the use of ‘one-time’ plastic, Ferdous said, “If we cannot stop ‘one-time’ plastic products, it will become a challenge to protect the environment of the capital.”

He made this demand in an urgent public-importance notice of Rule 71 in the National Parliament, Bangladesh, on February 25, 2025.

In the notice, Ferdous said, ‘With the advancement of technology, we are becoming more plastic-dependent every day. After one-time use of plastic for various occasions, we throw it away. The use of plastic-wrapped posters and leaflets has increased manifold for many other advertisements and campaigns, including election campaigns.

All these plastics are thrown away and need to not decompose even if they are under the ground for years. Such one-time plastic is the cause of headaches for the whole world, including Bangladesh. Today, printed paper used for advertising is wrapped in plastic and laminated to protect it from fog and rainwater.

The use of the National Parliament has been seen in the election of the National Parliament. The ultimate disposal location for the necessary plastic sticks is in drains and sewers. Water pollution will increase and cause severe damage to the environment.

Saber Hossain Chowdhury, Minister, Ministry of Forest, Environment and Climate Change (MOFECC), Bangladesh, thanked Ferdous for proposing a ban on single-use plastic in Dhaka city.

The minister said, 30 thousand metric tons of solid waste is being produced in all of Bangladesh. About 7 thousand metric tons are being produced in Dhaka city.  Of those 10 percent, of this is single-use plastic. We want to reduce it by 90 percent in the next two years. We intend to

But in this case, we all need a change of perspective. We are adopting single-use plastic as it is readily available even though there are alternatives.’

In his speech, the minister proposed to ban single-use plastic in Parliament. He said, “If it is possible, it will be an example for the country.”

He said, “One-time plastic ban is under our attention. We are also bringing up the issue of pollution in the 100-day action plan announced. We want to hold those involved in making these products accountable. That is why we are taking the initiative to make rules.’

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