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'Ring of Fire' to be seen in certain parts of the world on December 26
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‘Ring of Fire’ to be seen in certain parts of the world on December 26

The sun will look like a fireball on December 26. It will be seen in certain parts of the world. However, because of the distance of the moon is far away from the Earth than it will look smaller and will not be able to fully cover the sun. The sun can be seen as a wheel around the moon. People saw such a solar eclipse 172 years ago.

Scientists have called it the Ring of Fire.

It is known that the moon will cover more than 90 percent of the sun, which can be viewed by the eyes of the earth. Solar eclipse in Dhaka will start at 09:01:16 in the morning. The maximum solar eclipse will take place at 10:28:09; at that time, the sun will be mostly covered by the moon.

However, to see the whole, it will have to go to the Bay of Bengal quite a bit south from the mainland of Bangladesh. It is said that the solar eclipse will be better seen from the southern part than the northern part of Bangladesh.

The solar eclipse will last by 12:08:25 noon. The fireball scene can be seen beautifully from the UAE in the Middle East.

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