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sand lifting should complete by sunset khandaker anwarul islam, cabinet secretary of bangladesh
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Sand lifting should complete by sunset: Khandaker Anwarul Islam, Cabinet Secretary of Bangladesh

Sand lifting should complete by sunset: Khandaker Anwarul Islam, Cabinet Secretary of Bangladesh

Khandkar Anwarul Islam, the Cabinet Secretary of Bangladesh, gave final approval to the draft ‘Balumahal and Soil Management (Amendment) Act, 2022’

(Sand Extracting area and Soil Management Amended Act, 2022) after determining the location and extent of Balumahal (sand extracting area) through a digital survey, with provision for leasing only.

This decision was taken in the cabinet meeting under the chair of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

Later, Khandkar Anwarul Islam, Cabinet Secretary of Bangladesh, said, “From now on, the Deputy Commissioner and Land Ministry would take requisition from Bangladesh Water Development Board (BWDB) or Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority (BIWTA) for each Balumahal.

Under jurisdiction, they will do a digital survey and inform every district commissioner or ministry regarding the location of the sand extraction area, its total depth, and length, and how much can extract from there.

Furthermore, Balumahals can lease for one year; this is the main provision of the law. However, sand cannot take from fertile agricultural land or commercial areas.”

Mentioning that the punishment has clearly stated in the law, Khandaker Anwarul Islam said, “Those who pick up sand illegally, all of them will confiscate directly, and will mark disqualified for their whole life. Moreover, they will not be able to continue in this business.”

He also said, “If a severe charge against someone is proven, there is a provision of imprisonment for two years and a fine of up to 0.50 million rupees”.

Apart from this, the cabinet secretary said, “There is an instruction that no one can pick up sand at night. Sand picking must finish by sunset during the day.”

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