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scientists have found the big earth in space
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Scientists have found the ‘Big Earth’ in space

Scientists have found the ‘Big Earth’ in space


Are humans alone in this universe? Is the Earth the only planet where life exists? Scientists have been searching for the answer to these questions for decades.

Moreover, they have set their eyes on the solar system and outside the galaxy. Interestingly, they found a ‘Big Earth’ while searching like this.

Interest is high around the planet Ross 508b, located 37 light-years far from Earth. It believes that this planet can be the friend of the Earth. That is, water must exist here. As a result, it is highly likely to be habitable.

It has known that the star that this planet is orbiting is a ‘Red dwarf’. From the distance of the Earth with it, scientists speculate on the existence of water on that planet.

However, the problem is that the planet often moves away from its position. However, scientists cannot rule out the possibility of life on the planet and hope to gather further detail by observing this planet with the help of the James Webb telescope in the future.

The year of that planet is 10.8 days. In other words, Ross 508b orbits the red dwarfs in less than 11 days. Observing any red dwarf is not an easy task.

Usually, the temperature of such stars in this condition is below 4000 degrees Celsius. They are difficult to observe in visible light.

However, planets orbiting such stars are thought to be more likely to find habitable planets. Now let us see if James Webb can provide information about whether this planet has life.

Source: Green Page (Bangla)

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