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Sea level is not the same everywhere
Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir Environmental Science

Sea level is not the same everywhere

Sea level is not the same everywhere

By Adnan Tazvir

Even if the sea level rises a little, many countries in the world will be affected. It is a well-known fact that Global temperature rising poses a threat to climate change.

Meanwhile, the ice of the Himalayan peaks and the ice of the North and South Poles have begun to melt. Scientists fear that the sea level due to this icy water will rise (sea level).

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), if the sea level rises by just 45 centimeters by 2050, 10 to 15 percent of Bangladesh’s coastal land will go under the sea. The coastal areas of other countries of the world will also be more or less affected.

The question is, what exactly does sea level mean?  Is this altitude the same for the sea all the time? If it is the same then why climate change will have different effects in different countries?


The sea level should be the same everywhere, but it is not the same. All the oceans of the world are connected. Therefore, it is normal for the surface of the seawater to be the same everywhere.

However, some other elements are the causes active here.  For example, the larger the ocean, the greater the gravitational pull of the moon. As a result, the size of the waves will be larger at high tide. Again, the deeper the sea, the more its water will go down due to the gravitational pull of the earth.

As a result, the sea level will be much lower.  The type of weather also affects the sea level. If the air pressure over an ocean decreases, the surface water may swell slightly. Again, the westerly winds can push the seawater higher and carry it eastwards.

Due to such reasons, the altitude of different oceans of the world is not the same; it is more or less the same. Nevertheless, when it is said that global warming will increase sea level, it means the average altitude of the sea.

The average altitude of 19 years is considered to be the height of the sea level in different parts of the world with different measurements of tides and other factors. When we say that the pressure of the atmosphere at sea level is 760 millimeters of mercury, then that average height of sea level is meant.

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