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Sheikh Russell Eco Park: A Replica of the Sundarbans at a Glance
Bangladesh Sadman Sad

Sheikh Russell Eco Park: A Replica of the Sundarbans at a Glance

Sheikh Russell Eco Park: A Replica of the Sundarbans at a Glance

By Sadman sad

Bangladesh: Sheikh Russell Eco Park. Next to the Rupsha River. To the north is Khan Jahan Ali (R.) Bridge or Rupsha Bridge. When standing on this beautiful bridge, it can be seen far away from the river. Dinghy boats, launches, trawlers, and lighterage ships can be seen floating on the river.

When someone stands on the bridge in the late afternoon, the wind blows on his/her body. Due to such a captivating environment, the crowd of visitors stays here. The bridge seems to have become one of the entertainment centers of Khulna. And to the south is the Rupsha railway bridge under construction.

Everyone is now flocking to Sheikh Russell Eco Park in Mathabhanga of Batiaghata Upazila of Khulna to enjoy such beauty. Autumn has just left. Even then, Catkin (Kashful) did not bloom completely. The raft of white clouds in the sky and the white catkin forest across the wide-open space on the river bank below captivate the visitors.

They come to the river every day to enjoy such natural beauty. Some people take pictures in Catkin forest, some people hang out, and some go around by boat. The park area is bustling from afternoon tonight.

Alamgir Hossain, a businessman from Khanjahan Ali Road, who came to visit the park with his family, said, “Catkin forest always attracts me very much.” After leaving his village, he got stuck in the mechanics and did not see the Catkin for many days. That’s why I took the opportunity to go to Sheikh Russell Eco Park with my family to see Catkin forest.

Many nature lovers like Alamgir visit the park adjoining the Rupsha River just one and a half kilometers south of Rupsha Bridge.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s directive to create an eco-friendly park is being built in the Sundarbans style in the name of her younger brother Sheikh Russell Eco Park. There are various facilities for entertainment, including birds sanctuary, coastal Sundarbans vegetation, various animal and bird fairs, and a mangrove culture center.

The development work of Sheikh Russell Eco Park in Mathabhanga of Batiaghata Upazila as a model park in the south is progressing fast. When the park is completed, it will be one of the main recreation centers in the district.

Batiaghata Upazila Parishad and administration are providing round-the-clock assistance in this work under the overall supervision of Khulna District Administration. Sheikh Russell Eco Park is being set up on the river banks next to the privately built ‘Bhooter Adda’ park on the south side of Rupsha Bridge.

The park is slated to be 2,100 feet long and 950 feet wide in mid-2017. The work of the park started in November 2017 after completing the land approval and other processes.

The government has decided to set up an economic zone at Batiaghata in the south. Eco Park is his first step.
Although the work is not finished now, people from different parts of the country are gathering in the eco-park area every day. For the visitors’ relax, a pool beside the Rupsha river and restrooms has been constructed on both sides.

The atmosphere of the forest has been created with different trees of the Sundarbans. Although the park is not fully operational, visitors have expressed satisfaction. Entertainment lovers return home enjoying the sunrise and sunset.

Mr. Rasheduzzaman, Assistant Commissioner, Upazila Land Office, Batiaghata, said on Sunday morning (October 18, 2020) that even though the work is not over, entertainment lovers are coming to Sheikh Russell Eco Park every day.

As there is no entertainment center in Khulna, visitors are fascinated by the fresh air and the river’s beauty. I have to come to this park regularly to supervise the ongoing work. Whenever I come, I see a crowd of people.

He said the piling work of the two-story building of the park’s cultural center has already been completed. The work of the forest department has been tendered and will start at any time.

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