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The Caspian Sea’s new terror, the subsurface mudslide

The Caspian Sea’s new terror, the subsurface mudslide

Aivee Akther

The rhythm of mud, hot to the touch. Death is almost certain if you are unable to withstand the heat while moving around. This mudslide erupting from the Mud Volcano or muddy volcano is the new Caspian Sea terror. There has been a lot of talk about the dead, living volcanoes.

However, volcanoes of mud? Very little can know about such events. Recently, in the Caspian Sea, Mud Volcano has been exposed to these warm mudslides. The petroleum and gas fields of Azerbaijan shook and exploded consequently.

It first reported the incident on July 18, 2021. It saw that flame of fire blazed were directly uprising into the sky from the Caspian Sea. After that incident, it has discovered Mudslides during the investigation at the incident spots.

Science says that these volcanoes form when water, minerals, and flammable gases build underground for an extended period. When there is too much pressure exerted, the soil comes out of the hole, resulting from energy loss.

However, this type of volcano does not erupt lava-like other volcanoes; instead, it produces clay soil only, which is almost as strong as lava, even there exist gases also with its. The clay soil then comes into touch with an explosive chemical and ignites. This type of incident occurred in Azerbaijan.

What causes these muddy volcanoes to emerge in the first place? There are two points of view on this so far. To begin, it creates by gathering vast quantities of various sorts of flammable gases. When these gases come into touch with multiple kinds of rocks, the temperature rises even higher.

As a result, the ground temperature rises, and the mudflows out in this manner. Around 400 of these types of volcanoes exist on the planet. Their whereabouts, on the other hand, are still a mystery.

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