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the environment destroying by the black smoke of the brick kiln in laxmipur, bangladesh
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The environment destroying by the black smoke of the brick kiln in Laxmipur, Bangladesh

The environment destroying by the black smoke of the brick kiln in Laxmipur, Bangladesh


The black smoke from a brick kiln in Kamalnagar, Laxmipur, has scorched the surrounding vegetation. Besides, land crops are also under threat. About two hundred families have been affected by this.

For the last 21 years, the locals have been facing a catastrophe due to the black smoke of this illegal brick kiln called Messrs MNS Brick Manufacturer.

According to the locals, the people of the area suffer from various diseases, including pneumonia, shortness of breath, cold, and cough due to black smoke. The victims held a press conference at Kamalnagar Press Club on June 25, 2022, to seek redressal.

On their behalf, a person named Md. Humayun Kabir said in a press conference, “An illegal brick kiln named Messrs MNS Brick Manufacturer set up in 2021 in Charlerance area of ​​Kamalnagar.

At that time, the owner of the brickfield, Mosharraf Hossain Khokon, was the UP chairman, so the protest of the locals was in vain. As a result of long-term ebb management, about two hundred families in the vicinity have been affected. Many are leaving their homes and living elsewhere.

Recently, on the 12th of this month, when released the black smoke of the brick kiln, houses and plants of about two hundred families in the vicinity burnt. Crops in low-lying areas are also under threat.

He said they have complained to the administration to remove the illegal brick kilns, but no remedy has come. On October 8, 2018, the sufferer lodged a written complaint with the Deputy Commissioner.

Although the deputy commissioner directed the then Upazila executive officer to take action, he did not take any action. Brickfield owner Mosharraf Hossain Khokon and his brother Md. Rashed are allegedly giving threats to the complainants.

In this regard, Md Rashed, the owner of the brickfield, said black smoke caused some damage to the area during the latest fire at the brickyard. He said the damage was due to bad weather this year.

Mohammad Kamruzzaman, Upazila Executive Officer, informed that Pudam Pushpa Chakma, The Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land), had been directed to look into the matter.

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