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a new world hides in antarctica
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A new world hides in Antarctica

A new world hides in Antarctica


A new marine world has been discovered under the ice in Antarctica, the world’s southernmost continent. A group of New Zealand scientists has claimed that all strange animals exist.

Marine life has been found under the ice in Antarctica, said the British media, “The Guardian,” and “Life Science,” a tech-based news outlet, recently published statements.

Scientists have discovered this new world by observing an estuary hundreds of kilometers away from the Antarctic Ross Ice Shelf.

The primary purpose of the scientists was to show the possible role of ice melting due to climate change. To this end, scientists went into the ice.

Moreover, that is where their camera caught some unusual ‘moving objects.’ Reviewing the video captured on camera, the scientists said there is a massive group of small animals under the ice.

Craig Stephens, a research team member, said, “For a while, we thought our camera might have a problem. However, we saw a swarm of 5 mm arthropods when we looked more closely.

We checked the other parts of the ice shelf and thought the things around us were under control. Nevertheless, we were shocked by what we saw when we went there.”

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