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the environmental management scenario has come to a standstill in barishal, bangladesh
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The environmental management scenario has come to a standstill in Barishal, Bangladesh

The environmental management scenario has come to a standstill in Barishal, Bangladesh


The current environmental management scenario of the divisional city of Barisal has come to a standstill. The people of this city are at extreme health risk, primarily due to unplanned waste management.

The speakers made the remarks at an exchange of views on ‘Citizen Thoughts in Barisal Waste Management’ at the Barisal Deputy Commissioner’s Office on October 13, 2021. Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association(BELA) organized the meeting.

The program chaired by Professor (Retd.) Gazi Zahid Hossain. Md. Shahidul Islam, Deputy Director of the Department of Local Government, was present as a chief guest at the meeting and said, “We talk a lot but work less.”

“The country will move forward only if we work together in love with the country. Our dreams will come true. The environment belongs to all of us, so we all have a responsibility to protect this environment. Our country will survive only when we will save ourselves and save our environment.”

Syed Farooq Ahmed, Chief Executive Officer of Barisal City Corporation and Md. Tota Mia, Assistant Director of Barisal Divisional Office of the Department of Environment, was the special guest.

The executive director and network member Rafiqul Alam of BELA presented the main article on the program. Lincoln Bain, the Divisional Coordinator of BELA, gave a welcome speech at the beginning of the meeting. Among others who spoke at the meeting were: Kazi Jahangir Kabir, Development Organizer, Advocate Hiron Kumar Das Mithu and Asif Chowdhury, lecturers of Barisal University, Masudur Rahman, Divisional Coordinator of BD Clean, Barisal, Advocate AK Azad, Professor Shibani Chowdhury, Advocate Shahida Akter, Professor Shah Sajeda, Anwar Zahid, president of Barisal NGO Development Network-BNDN  and others.

For the current scenario of Barisal divisional city, the speakers blamed the unawareness of the people and the lack of timely management systems of the concerned departments.

They also said that many industrial establishments got set up in the residential areas of Barisal. On the one hand, these industrial establishments increase human health risks, and the air, water, soil, and environmental management are in crisis.

The speakers called for the collection and management of waste through modern technology and the banning of plastic waste. To overcome this situation, they have also recommended coordination between the Department of Environment (Bangladesh), city corporations, and district administrations, raising public awareness and proper implementation of the law.

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