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the flash flood is shattering the farmers dream
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The flash flood is shattering the farmer’s dream

The flash flood is shattering the farmer’s dream


The water level in the Haors (wetland Ecosystems) in Bangladesh continues to rise on the hillside. One Haor after another goes through under the flash water, and the crop fields are submerging.

Farmers disappoint that the green-ripe paddy sank at the last moment. In Sunamganj, Bangladesh, about 300 hectares of Golgalia Haor has breached by the early flood protection embankment of extended Gurmar Haor of Tahirpur Upazila. Another 300 hectares of crops submerges by Huramandira Haor’s early flood protection embankment of Dirai Upazila.

According to the Sunamganj Water Development Board, the water level of the Surma River has risen to 5.94 cm below the danger level. Crop protection early flood protection embankments are also at risk due to rising water levels in various rivers.

Mohan Lal Saikat, the executive engineer of the Netrakona district water development board, said, “In Netrokona around 10 am on April 19, 2022, water flowed over 22 cm above the danger level at Dhanu River. Khaliajuri point of Dhanu river in the district.”

Besides, cracks create in at least 20 places in a 7 km area of the Kirtankhola early flood protection embankments. They are getting reformed along with the Upazila administration. However, the embankment is still protected.

According to the district agriculture extension department, 65% of boro paddy fields in the district were harvested by that time, reaching 82% in the meantime (April 23, 2022).

On the other hand, the Dhanu, Baulai, Meghna, Kālni RiverKushiyara River continue to rise in Kishoreganj. The water level of the Kalni – Kushiyara river has increased by 11 cm, and the water level of the Baulai river has increased by 12 cm and is flowing at 22 cm above the danger level. The water of the Meghna and Dhanu rivers is touching the danger level.

Matiur Rahman, the Executive Engineer of the Kishoregonj District Water Development Board, told Jago News, “The water of Dhanu river may cross the danger line in a short while. It expects to flood in advance.”

According to the district administration, 73 km early flood protection embankment in the district is still intact. Some damaged early flood protection embankments are repairing. As many as 35 percent of Boro paddies has harvested in the district. It will still take at least a week for the haor paddy to ripen.

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