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the forest needs to be protected to save the environment
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The forest needs to be protected to save the Environment

The forest needs to be protected to save the Environment

Global warming is a result of deforestation. The rate of soil erosion increases and deforestation also affects the water cycle. Also, the ecosystem is under threat. Everyone should protect Forests to keep them alive.

On 25th February 2023, the Zoology Department of Dhaka University and the Bangladesh Zoological Society jointly organized a national conference named “Biodiversity Conversation: Bangladesh Perspective.” held at Dhaka University.

The conference’s primary purpose was “Forest should protect to save the environment.”

Md. Nurul Islam Sujan, Minister of Bangladesh Railway Communication, was the Chief Guest under the chair of Professor Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman, Vice-Chancellor of the university.

According to him, climate change and human environmental degradation are putting wildlife, biodiversity, and ecosystems in danger. Because greedy people are destroying wildlife’s habitats, wildlife is disappearing from our area. The construction of buildings and highways between forests and mountains is destroying natural diversity.

According to the Bangladesh Railway’s Minister, we are responsible for providing afforestation that is good for wild animals without intentionally destroying trees. He claimed that after killing wild animals. Some dishonest people are poaching wildlife and destroying the ecology because deer and tiger skins fetch such high prices.

Professor Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman, said, “Conservation of animal habitat is crucial for achieving sustainable development goals.” Researchers must consider practical issues to do their duties effectively. This action will be beneficial in developing policies for biodiversity conservation.

Courtesy:  গ্রীন পেইজ Green Page (Bengali)

Translated by: Tahsin Taha

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