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the health of human civilization depends on environmental health
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The health of human civilization depends on Environmental Health

The health of human civilization depends on Environmental Health


Human life quality increases when humans and the planet are healthy. Therefore, the welfare of a human being and the planet’s welfare are deeply connected. The planet’s health means “the health of human civilization and the natural environment on which it depends.”

This suggests that human well-being is inextricably linked with the Earth’s well-being and, therefore, the need to simultaneously address the underlying causes of human disease and ecosystem damage to protect and improve the planet’s health. On the other hand, the economy we have today is destroying our well-being.

Although this economy has shown human ingenuity, created financial wealth, and lifted billions of people out of poverty, it has also damaged the ecosystem and increased social inequality.

To find the path to a sustainable and prosperous economy, we need to protect the environment, transform the poverty line, alleviate hunger, and establish justice and education.

To eradicate poverty, we must first eliminate unemployment in the country, as the unemployment rate in Bangladesh has increased from 4.20% in 2019 to 5.3% in 2022. In this case, the government and the people should be self-employed and focus on self-employment.

They should provide incentive packages and small and ample loans for self-employed people with all the facilities of a bank. Bangladesh’s annual poverty reduction rate has increased from 1.7% to 2.4%.

This year, the level of hunger in Bangladesh has come down to ‘moderate’ for the first time, which can observe in the Global Hunger Index (GHI) score where Bangladesh has achieved a GHI  score of 19.1 points out of 100 ( In 2000 was 34.0, in 2006 was 28.9 and in 2012 was 28.6)

Though Bangladesh improved its position day by day, it is also now a matter of concern, and to get rid of hunger, we should focus on the largest and smallest manufacturing sector.

Key issues such as reduction in the cost of production materials, increase in technical equipment, and credit facilities should identify. All facilities should give to the workers, encouraging them to produce more.

In today’s world, environmental pollution has become the main enemy of humankind. The current environmental situation in other countries, including Bangladesh, is upsetting the balance of the state.

Severe air, water, pollution, and food waste threaten human health, the ecosystem, and the country’s economic growth.

According to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) ranking report, Bangladesh is the second-worst in curbing environmental pollution.

Surprising solutions to this problem include government and non-government investment in technologies such as solar panels, wind power, composting, electronic vehicles, programmable thermostats, green transport, gray water, lighting, information technology, and every industry or company to reduce pollutants and waste energy. The use of these technologies (clean technology) should be competitive.

Therefore, if we achieve a healthy environment, we can live a healthy and smooth life. Moreover, it will give us freshness through which we can concentrate on our bright goals.

By meeting these goals, we can improve the quality of life, so educating people about the need for (clean technology) technology and encouraging them to invest in it is essential.

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