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the high tech james webb space telescope flew into space
Aivee Akther Environmental Science

The high-tech James Webb Space Telescope flew into space

The high-tech James Webb Space Telescope flew into space

Aivee Akther

How has life evolved into the earth, which was merely a planet orbiting around the sun? How did we get the light? The James Webb Space Telescope, a high-tech spacecraft, flies to space to find the answers to these questions.

This journey marked the beginning of a new era in space exploration. The Hubble Space Telescope had already departed. This time its successor James Webb Space Telescope  (JWST), started working. NASA successfully launched French Guiana in the US on Christmas Eve/2021.

Exactly how important this James Webb Space Telescope is in world space research which is impossible to grasp without knowing a few facts. There had to spend about 10 billion dollars on making the telescope.

The European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency have teamed up with NASA to build this powerful space telescope. This telescope will locate 10 to 15 million kilometers away from the earth. James Webb flew into space with the help of the Arian-5 rocket.

The telescope will take about a month to reach its destination after the successful launch. NASA’s state-of-the-art telescope will start working on the sun’s opposite side (the dark side).

It will take six months to become fully operational. Then James Webb will slowly begin to capture the unseen images of the space. Earlier, NASA had planned to launch this sophisticated telescope into space. However, it was delayed due to mechanical problems. Success finally came at Christmas.

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) launch marks the beginning of a new era, says Tarun Sauradeep, a senior professor at the Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics in Pune, India.

This instrument has the potentiality to play an agitating role in astronomy. We are hopeful that India will play an essential role in this. The JWST will provide information not only in space research but also in the work of other important branches of science. ‘

Ayush Saxena, a professor at the University College London, hopes that James Webb will find a habitable planet in the universe. For now, for the next ten years, NASA’s state-of-the-art telescope will be roaming in space with an exploratory vision.

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