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 The lagoon in Argentina became pink due to chemical pollution
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 The lagoon in Argentina became pink due to chemical pollution

 The lagoon in Argentina became pink due to chemical pollution


The water of a shallow lagoon in the southern Patagonia region of Argentina suddenly turned bright pink. Experts and environmentalists have blamed the incident on chemical contamination used to store shrimp for export.

Environmentalists informed that this phenomenon was caused by sodium sulfite, an anti-bacterial product used in fish factories. The chemical wastes used in these factories have entered the lake water through the Chubut River.

Residents have long complained about the stench and other environmental problems around rivers and water bodies. Pablo Lada, an environmental activist, told the AFP (Agence France-Presse) news agency that those who should be in control allow people to spread pollution.

“The lake turned pink last week and unusual color remains even till now”, he added.

Federico Restrepo, an Environmental engineer and virologist, told AFP, “The color change caused by sodium sulfite in fish waste. According to law, this type of waste should undergo examinations before disposal.”

For the past few weeks, residents of the local Trelew have been protesting against dumping waste from various fish processing projects on the city’s outskirts. They blocked the way for trucks carrying processed fish waste through the area. Due to such incidents, the administration allowed the truck to dump the waste in the water instead of changing the pathway.

However, last week Juan Micheloud, the head of environmental control in Chubut province, said that “there is no harm in such a color change and it will disappear in a few days.”

Pablo Lada, an Environmentalist complains, “it is right that fish processing creates employment. But the factories do not want to take their waste to the Puerto Madryn Depot treatment plant, which is 35 miles away, as it will cost them millions of money.”

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