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The rich are at the top of environmental pollution
Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir International Environment

The rich are at the top of environmental pollution

According to the UN report, the rich are at the top of environmental pollution

By Adnan Tazvir

The United Nations recently released a report. This highlights that one percent of the world’s riches emit twice as much of carbon or more than 50 percent out of the whole than that of the world’s poor.

If the rich want to play a minimal role in preventing environmental pollution, it is essential to change their lives.

According to a research report, 5% of the world’s richest peoples emitted 37% of carbon between 1990 and 2015, and the rate is much higher now.

The United Nations has collected all the information from the Cambridge Sustainable Commission in Britain. It has been found that the wealthiest people in the world use airplanes or multiple luxury cars to travel, use more or more large Air-conditions than they need, and are more prone to use high-carbon products in their daily lives.

On the other hand, they do not use solar panels. The role of the rich in carbon emissions is much more significant than that of the poor.

According to the report, if the rich reduce food wastage, plant more trees and use solar panels, their carbon emissions will decrease slightly.

Even if they control airplanes, tours, and their own cars, carbon emissions will significantly reduce. There is very little environmental awareness among the rich, and there is very little interest in using their eco-friendly products.

In relatively developing countries like Bangladesh, the amount of natural pollution increases day by day at an average rate. Still, this rate is much higher than that of the poor compared to the wealthy persons in the same country.

Wealthy people invest a lot more in the industry. The carbon emissions of the rich reach tens of millions of tons a year, while those of the poor are negligible.

Wealthy people can make many decisions, not just economic ones. Suppose millionaires change their way of life and start investing in environmental protection. In that case, environmental pollution will be greatly reduced or it will be possible to bring the environment back to normal.


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