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the world is once again voiceful on the issue of climate change
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The world is once again voiceful on the issue of climate change

The world is once again voiceful on the issue of climate change

the united nations general assembly

The case of climate change once again shakes the world. The United Nations is seeking the opinion of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on what steps can be taken to protect people and the climate system affected by these changes.

The United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution to take this view. Meanwhile, the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom, and Australia will take different steps to deal with climate change.

Disputes between the United Nations member states on what steps will be taken to prevent climate change have been seen before. This picture has been seen at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COPs) several times. In this situation, Vanuatu, a Pacific Islands country, recently raised a resolution at the United Nations.

Other 132 countries joined with Vanuatu in raising the proposal. This proposal aims to furnish ICJ’s direction to take necessary steps for protecting individuals impacted by climate change and preserving the climate system.

measures to prevent climate change

After passing the proposal, Prime Minister of Vanuatu Ismail Kalsko said a new horizon has begun in taking multifaceted measures to prevent climate change.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres spoke about this resolution after the General Assembly passed it. He said when the ICJ gives its opinion, the countries will be encouraged to comply. He also commented that the world urgently needs bold and robust action to prevent climate change.

Saina Sadai of the Union of Concerned Scientists, an advisory group of scientists, is looking at this proposal passed by the United Nations.

He said that the Paris Agreement to prevent climate change, this agreement seemed realistic to everyone at one time. After this agreement, the resolution passed by the United Nations to combat climate change is a giant step.

EU will double renewable energy

As the anti-climate movement calls for ICZ, EU countries agree to double renewable energy use.

 They managed to reach an agreement recently. It is said that they will double the use of renewable energy by 2030.

The European Parliament and representatives of 27 countries negotiated the deal overnight. Finally, they agreed to increase the use of renewable energy to 45.5 percent by 2030. At present, the consumption of this fuel is 22 percent.

Australia-UK on the same route in reducing Green House Gas

Australia has passed a new law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce costs in the gas and coal-fired energy sectors. The move comes as Australia aims to reduce carbon emissions by 43 percent by 2030.

This new law will be effective from July 1, 2023. If it comes into effect, 215 essential industries will be affected. These industries emit 0.1 million tons of greenhouse gas annually.

The government hopes that if this law is implemented, it will be possible to reduce 200 million tons of carbon emissions in the next decade.

 University of New South Wales expert Tommy Widman is optimistic about this new law. He said, “This is the first time that the issue of reducing carbon emissions has been written in the law of Australia.” Of course, this is a good thing. Now we have a climate policy.’

The UK has undertaken a new plan to reduce its dependence on Russia and achieve self-sufficiency in the energy sector. Through this, the country will walk on the path of environment-friendly and readily available energy.

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