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Tiger Cat is Killed in Tentulia
Adnan Mahfuz Tazvir Bangladesh

Tiger Cat is Killed in Tentulia, Bangladesh

Tiger Cat is Killed in Tentulia, Bangladesh

By Adnan Mahfuz

Workers were working in a tea garden in the Shibchandi area of Tentulia Upazila in Panchagarh on Sunday afternoon (September 07, 2020). At this time, two of them saw an animal. They thought it was a tiger and called the locals and chased it.

In Tentulia Upazila of Panchagarh district, the forest cat was caught by the locals thinking it a tiger cub has died. Department of Forest officials sent the dead forest cat to Panchagarh Sadar Upazila Livestock Hospital for an autopsy on Monday morning.

On Sunday night, the Department of Forest went to the Shibchandi area of Devnagar union in Tentulia Upazila and rescued the wild cat.

The animal died while filling into the cage. On Sunday afternoon, the locals caught the wild cat from a local tea garden, thinking it was a tiger cub. They tied the wild cat first to a tree and then informed the forest department officials.

Upon receiving the news, the Tentulia Upazila Forest Department officials went there and rescued the animal. They took pictures and sent them to the Forest Officer of the Department of Forest, Dinajpur.

Later it was informed from Dinajpur that it was not a tiger but a tiger cat. The animal died while being caged in the forest at night.

Tetulia Upazila Forest Department officer Shahidur Rahman said, ‘The animal is about three to four years old. Height one foot.

The length will be two feet. On Sunday afternoon, we went to the spot, took pictures, and sent them to the Dinajpur Social Forest Department office for confirmation. From there we are told that the animal is a wild cat. The wild cat died while filling the cage to take it away at night.’

Panchagarh Social Forestry Nursery and Training Centre Officer-in-Charge. Abdul Hai said, ‘The animal became weak as it was chased while catching the wild cat.

Besides, they chained the tiger cat without feeding anything all day. It is believed that the animal became weaker and died. However, the exact cause of death of the animal will be known after receiving the autopsy report. The tiger cat will be sent to the museum. ‘He advised the public not to chase such animals.

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