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To protect the environment of Dhaka city now and now is the most important time
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To protect the environment of Dhaka city, now and now is the most important time

To protect the environment of Dhaka city, now and now is the most important time


Trees are an integral part of our environment and maintain a healthy balance; they also ensure human survival by providing basic needs like food, wood, Fuels, etc. Most importantly, free of cost, trees provide us with the oxygen, which we have to buy from a hospital or clinic at a higher price.

A matured tree meets the annual oxygen needs of 10 people. The tree absorbs more than 60 pounds of harmful gases like Carbon dioxide, CO2 from the air and controls the heat equal to that of emitting 10 Air Conditions into the atmosphere. In addition, Humidity control, prevention of air pollution, and absorbing hundreds of tons of carbon the tree contributes immensely to keeping the environment intact.

According to sources, a baby tree absorbs 5.9kg of CO2 per year, while a 10-year-old tree absorbs 22 kilograms of CO2 per year. The air conditioner (AC) we use to cool down emits greenhouse gass like Chlorofluorocarbon (CFCs), where’re trees act as a natural air conditioner by lowering the temperatures as much as 9 degrees Fahrenheit. Shortly, Trees playing a vital to protect our environment by maintaining air moisture, minimizing air pollutions and absorbing hundreds of tons of CO2 from the atmosphere.

According to the Building Construction Act 2008 Bangladesh, when constructing a building on any plot, it is mandatory to maintain the floor area ratio (FAR) by leaving open space around the building.

It is also mandatory to follow Bangladesh National Building Code (1993) for constructing any multi-stored building. There is an instruction to plant suitable species of fruit, wild and medicinal plants in the open space in front/around the building instead of paving.

In 2020 -2021, The Department of Environment (Bangladesh) forced many residential – commercial builders to green their buildings by fining a high amount of money through the “Enforcement operations”. The administration has successfully implemented this operation besides all odds, which can compare with the success of the antibiotic campaign.

In terms of Damaging the Environment (Bangladesh), the owners of residential buildings are as much responsible as owners of industrial buildings. Hardly any open space remains in a plot after constructing a building that a single banana tree will not stand in that space.

However, they spend a lot on decorating their houses, but planting trees seems unnecessary to them. Simultaneously, monitoring these rules and regulations in connection with building constructions by the Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha is showing equal irresponsible, including the Department of Environment (Bangladesh), Public Works Department (Bangladesh), and Dhaka City Corporation. However, it is a matter of grief that rather than the ability or responsible workforce, their inactiveness and callousness lead to the violation of keeping the free floor area as per Rules and regulations.

If we do not take immediate steps for “Green Dhaka”, it will soon become unsuitable for human living and livelihood. The decreasing of trees leading to increase air pollution, which turning into a daily life suffering. The presence of fine particles, dust, and carbon in the air also triggering our health hazards.

Scientific research has shown that Air pollution creates negative impacts on the human brain, even reduces mind concentration and attention towards studies. The alienation from nature is one of the core reasons for the exhaustion and instability of the citizens, especially the aggression and violence of the present young generation.

Social peace largely influences by the proper balance of nature and the environment. But the question arises is it possible to meet the demand for a green environment that the citizens of Dhaka need with the limited vegetation in Baldha Garden, Ramna Park, or Chandrima Uddan? The scarcity of greeneries accelerating the ongoing climate crisis which threatens both the human and Environment.

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