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two major initiatives announced in india to protect the environment
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Two major initiatives announced in India to protect the environment

Two major initiatives announced in India to protect the environment

The two initiatives were announced at an event held in the Indian capital, New Delhi, recently. The event was held in partnership with the Balipara Foundation, Conservation International, PackTV , and Studio Silverback.

The two initiatives are ‘The Great People’s Forest of the Eastern Himalayas’ and ‘Planet India.’ Organizers say, ‘One Earth, one family, one future’ – two initiatives have been taken in response to this call.

 The Great People’s Forest of the Eastern Himalayas is said to be one of the most significant environmental conservation efforts in South Asian history.

It is a groundbreaking partnership initiative led by Balipara Foundation, an environmental organization in Assam, India, and Conservation International.

The initiative will focus on environmental activities in Bangladesh, Northeast India, Nepal, and Bhutan. Actions will be taken to protect and restore forests for the earth, including local livelihoods.

‘Planet India’ is an engaging visual storytelling campaign. They are campaigning for Indian solutions to climate and nature crises.

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