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Typhoon Haishen route to South Korea

Typhoon Haishen route to South Korea

Typhoon Haishen route to South Korea

Typhoon Haishen is heading for South Korea after wreaking havoc in southern Japan. The storm is raging in Busan, the country’s second-largest city. News from the BBC.

South Korea has already cancelled more than 300 flights at ten airports due to the typhoon.

Meanwhile, more than 4,30,000 households in Japan have cut off from electricity due to the Haishen. However, it is initially believed that the damage was less than expected.

The Japanese broadcaster told the NHK that about 30 people had injured. Four of them were injured when the window glass of shelter hit.

The Japanese government has asked more than 7 million people to evacuate from areas where typhoons are likely to move. The factories were closed down.

Typhoon Mysak, the strongest typhoon in years, hit the Korean Peninsula and Japan last week.
Meanwhile, the Coast Guard of Japan has forced to stop a cargo ship’s rescue operation that sank during

Typhoon Mysak due to Typhoon Haishen.

The cargo ship ‘Gulf Livestock-1’ with 43 sailors and 6,000 cows went missing on Wednesday. So far, three sailors have been rescued alive.

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