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due to the adverse effects of climate, the types of disease causing pathogens are gradually changing
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Due to the adverse effects of climate, the types of disease-causing pathogens are gradually changing

Due to the adverse effects of climate, the types of disease-causing pathogens are gradually changing


Health experts say the weather links to the constant emergence of new viruses and bacteria. Climate change directly impacts diabetes, hypertension, and other non-communicable diseases.

When the temperature of the atmosphere increases, different types of chemical reactions change the body’s systems, increasing our non-communicable diseases (chronic or lifestyle diseases).

According to experts, salt water is another direct and indirect effect of climate change. Due to climate change, the sea level is rising. Salinity is also increasing in our food cycle. As salinity increases, high blood pressure increases, and the risk of heart disease increases.

Besides, the incidence of various chest diseases is increasing due to air pollution. Different harmful substances enter the body with breathing.

Additional pressure creates on the kidneys and liver to remove these harmful substances from the body. The toxicity effect is increasing in the body. Pollution also increases our mental disturbance. Because of this, climate change affects all physical, mental, infectious, and non-infectious diseases.

When asked about health risks due to climate change, Dr. Lelin Chowdhury, Public Health Expert and Director Health and Hope Hospital said, “As a result of climate change, diseases which are usually not harmful to humans appear in the deadly form.

Diseases that should have been transmitted to other animals but not humans are now transmitted from animals to humans. In other words, the diseases that used to limit forests due to the destruction of forests are now infecting the human body—for example, Zoonotic diseases such as corona.

Dr. Liaquat Ali, a Prominent medical scientist and former vice-chancellor of the Bangladesh University of Health Sciences (BUHS) said,” Climate change is one of the main threats to human health at present. Disease patterns change due to weather, temperature rise, and soil and water pollution. Some pathogens are re-emerging.

Some new types of deadly diseases creating due to the mutation of several disease germs. Recently we have noticed the horrors of them. Epidemics of this type frequently occur, some becoming pandemics. Climate change has already begun to affect infectious diseases.

He said that food composition is changing due to climate change, such as excess salinity and lack of fresh water. It associates with high blood pressure and other diseases.

Food ingredients are also undergoing drastic changes. Although the amount of food is increasing, the nutritional value is decreasing. As a result, nutritional diseases are likely to increase.

People’s behavior is changing due to the weather. Due to excess temperature, the tendency of people to stay indoors has increased, and the tendency to do manual labor has decreased.

As a result, obesity is increasing. Obesity increases the risk of high blood pressure or diabetes. Increasing carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have long-lasting effects on the body.

Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and respiratory diseases directly impact climate change. Climate change involves all types of diseases, whether communicable, non-communicable, or nutritional.

The adverse effects of climate change have become a cause for concern. Pathogens are changing, nature and the environment are changing, and our food ingredients and habits are changing. The sum of everything is leading to health destruction.

Climate experts and health-related people opined that the development that is going on worldwide now should be compatible with the environment. All activities that destroy nature and the environment should avoid. Development at the expense of the environment will eventually backfire and increase human health risks.

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