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we can personally reduce greenhouse (ghs) emissions in 4 ways
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We can personally reduce Greenhouse (GHS) emissions in 4 ways

We can personally reduce Greenhouse (GHS) emissions in 4 ways

Let’s have a look at what we can do from a personal point of view in this climate change movement.

World leaders have participated in the COP-26 conference to deal with climate change. Environmentalists are on the way to reduce Greenhouse (GHS)n emissions. Prevention of climate change is necessary for the survival of future generations, animals or plants.

But nothing can be achieved in isolation. Collective efforts are needed to save nature. And so, let’s have a look at what can do from a personal standpoint in this climate change movement.

 1.Utilizing public transportation, walking, cycling, and trains:

Transportation is responsible for 15% Greenhouse (GHS) emissions (Source: Climate Analysis Indicators Tool (World Resources Institute, 2017).

Getting into the habit of using public transportation. Experts believe that going car-free will play the biggest role in reducing the GHS emissions caused by transportation.

It is possible to play a big role in tackling the climate crisis by making small changes in everyday life. Carbon emissions can be reduced to a great extent by practicing walking or cycling.

Aviation also emits a lot of carbon and the amount is 3% of global GHG emissions. Those who travel outside the country or somewhere far away have to rely on aeroplanes. Domestic flights have the highest carbon emissions per kilometer travelled. On the other hand, if we travel by train, emissions will be reduced by five times.

2. Reducing red meat intake

Livestock accounts for 14 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. And so to reduce the emission of greenhouse gas, milk and meat should be reduced from the diet. Reducing consumption of red meat, especially red meat such as beef, will greatly reduce carbon emissions.

Vegetarians will be happy to hear this. But how much GHG emissions meat or other food produces depends on its production process. And so even if we can’t give up meat completely, we can reduce the amount. As a result, not only money will be saved, food waste will also be reduced.

According to the Waste and Resource Action Program, 25 to 30 of the world’s food is wasted. Reducing food waste will also reduce greenhouse emissions.

 3. Reducing excessive clothing consumption:

Three thousand 781 litres of water is required to make one pair of jeans. The United Nations Environment Program published data on the water required for cotton production, processing, transportation, and cleaning.

And so instead of buying new clothes frequently, we should get into the habit of getting our old clothes repaired. Old clothes can be given to people without throwing them away. Besides, buying clothes should be done considering whether they are durable or not, how long they can be worn.

Nowadays, clothing rental services are being offered by numerous companies. There are many people who buy clothes for an event or a special day, which are not worn more than once or twice. In that case, rather than buying new clothes, it is better to rent them. Besides, used or second-hand clothes can also be bought.

4. Reducing energy wastage

Electricity is responsible 31% GHG emissions ((Source: Climate Analysis Indicators Tool (World Resources Institute, 2017).

To reduce electricity consumption, we should turn off any unnecessary electrical devices before leaving our homes, offices, shops, etc.

To cool the house, we can keep the temperature at 25 degrees Celsius or more. Reducing the temperature of the heater when heating the house during winter.

Carbon emissions can also be reduced by choosing the right electronics or home appliances used in household work.

We should buy things that can run with less power consumption or fuel consumption. Energy savings will be possible through the use of energy-efficient appliances.

And so keep these things in mind while buying or changing a washing machine or any other appliance.

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