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We should be aware of climate change
Aivee Akther Environmental Science

We should be aware of climate change

We should be aware of climate change


Now, the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere is around 15°C. Once upon a time, the temperature was tolerable, but it is now rapidly rising.

Temperatures have risen by 0.7°C in the last 100 years. Since, the Ice age 12,000 years ago, average global warming has increased about tenfold. Climate change refers to the process by which the global temperature rises.

The global impact of climate change is worsening pollution in every country. Glaciers in the Polar Regions are melting. As a result, sea levels are rising. Between 2005 and 2015, the global sea level rose by an average of 3.6 millimeters per year.

If the Earth’s temperature rises by two degrees Celsius by 2100, the sea level will rise by 3.6 feet. Many coastal areas and cities might be submerged around the world. At the same time, unchecked carbon emissions are concerning and endangering the next generation.

We may dream that the world will no longer have to worry about climate change and that the horrors of pollution will be lost. Even if it is only a glimmer, the Coronavirus is reawakening hope.

While the list of pandemic-related stagnation in almost everything from people to the economy grows, the virus will continue to be a story of environmental relief. In many countries, nature has returned to its natural state because of the lockdown. Many such incidents have occurred in our country too.

We know that this form of nature is insubstantial because once the pandemic is over; people will return to their usual busyness, pollution will rise again. Nature will not be slow to accept pollution’s helplessness. The most important lesson from the pandemic is that nature can regenerate itself using its mechanisms without disturbance.

Nature’s selfless contributions include:

  • The food we eat.
  • The air we breathe.
  • The water we drink quenches our thirst.
  • The climate that keeps our planet livable.

Trees play an equally important role in carbon-di-oxide absorption. Every year, marine vegetation provides more than half of the oxygen into our atmosphere, and a mature plant absorbs approximately 22 kilograms of CO2 and releases oxygen in exchange. Therefore, trees provide lasting benefits while also saving lives.

Every year, the Amazon rainforest alone absorbs 2,000 megatons of CO2. Studies evaluated that at least two mature trees are required to meet the oxygen needs of a single human being.

We do not even acknowledge nature’s importance in exchange for the numerous services it provides us. We, on the other hand, obstruct its ability to grow.

There are, however, several efforts underway to allow the environment to thrive naturally by raising awareness and diversifying programs. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged everyone to plant three trees during a ceremony in June (fruit, wild and medicinal plants).

We are optimistic that many people, beginning with the ruling party’s leadership, have reacted to this call, whether on their initiative or as part of the organizational response. While tree planting is a perfect example of saving the environment, it is an admirable initiative.

Even though millions of saplings are planting each year, many trees cannot develop due to care and neglect. As a result, they are either food for the animals or serve as scapegoats in the construction process. How can we expect the tree to provide shade, oxygen, and a clean environment if we do not allow it to grow?

Is it true that a family’s responsibilities end after a kid is born? Not. That youngster raises with the utmost care and compassion. That child grows up and becomes the family’s caretaker.

Isn’t that how it should be with a tree? As we plant the seedlings with care, let us continue to care for them until the tree matures. We must provide regular water and fertilizer to the tree for it to grow. Only then will it provide us with shade, oxygen, or a variety of fruits.

Let us hope that everything will go smoothly. One day, the globe will be free of COVID-19, the green and clean air will echo in the familiar atmosphere of me-you-all of us, from the city to the village. We need to empower our youth more to get involved with environmental activities so that their works’ zeal will heal the environment soon.

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