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west bengal will be in the red zone of pollution the following year
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West Bengal will be in the red zone of pollution the following year

West Bengal will be in the red zone of pollution the following year


Scientists are seeing ominous signs about the pollution situation in West Bengal, India, in 2023. According to a Bose Institute research paper, the state’s pollution rate will increase by at least 8 percent in 2023.

The number of Aerosol gases in the air will increase, and West Bengal may rise to second place in the country’s pollution index. Aerosol is very dangerous for the human body.

As per the forecast of the research paper, West Bengal will be in the ‘Red Zone if the aerosol levels in the state increase to that extent.

The name of the research paper by Dr. Manami Dutta and Dr. Abhijit Chattopadhyay, two researchers of Bose Institute, is ‘A Deep Insight to State Label Aerosol Pollution in India.’

It contains a detailed study of the situation in different states according to the level of aerosol pollution. It is first necessary to understand what these aerosols are and how they can damage the environment if their levels increase.

Aerosols are solid water droplets suspended in the air, which mix with various air components such as dust, salt, and organic particles, which makes them more dangerous.

Aerosol Optical Depth or AOD, measures how much aerosol is in the air in an area.

According to that measure, West Bengal is already in the ‘Red Category.’ According to AOD, aerosol concentration in the air above 0.5 μg/m3 is considered dangerous, i.e., red zone. The situation in West Bengal is similar. This level is also very harmful to people’s daily life.

Researcher Dr. Abhijit Chattopadhyay said, “According to the geographical location, aerosols begin accumulating in the air layer from the hilly areas over the Gangetic West Bengal. It is more in winter.

Also, the level of pollution increases due to various local factors. West Bengal is already in a dangerous position. If that level is more, it will become very harmful to people.

Another researcher Dr. Manami Duttar said, “Earlier, the source of pollution in West Bengal was vehicle smoke. Later, road dust has added to it. Then recently, cooking in a charcoal furnace started again. As a result, the level of aerosol in the air has increased.

Experts recommend adopting several methods during construction work to prevent pollution. However, who is listening? No one cares about the dangers that come after years.

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