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what to use in traveling to protect the environment
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What to use in traveling to protect the environment

What to use in traveling to protect the environment

Due to the ease of living and the effects of commercialization, we are constantly harming the environment. Travel is no exception. The materials and behavior we use are often causing damage to the environment. Increasing carbon emissions and harmful chemicals. But if you want, reducing the damage during the trip is possible. How?

 Use of bags made of cloth or jute

We can opt for something durable instead of polythene or single-use plastic bags during travel. Bags made of cloth or jute are durable and can be used repeatedly. If you want, you can bring variety to the bag by designing it yourself. And since such bags are biodegradable, they mix quickly with the environment.

 Wear eco-friendly clothes

Choose clothes whose fibers come directly from nature. Garments made from hemp, banana fiber, and jute are eco-friendly. Now, several brands make clothes that use less water during production. Many claim they do not use pesticides and chemicals when making clothes—eco-friendly clothes to choose from.

Use copper water bottles

Carrying plastic bottles while traveling is prohibited in many parts of the world. You can also opt for a copper bottle instead of a plastic water bottle as your travel companion. Copper contains antimicrobial properties, which purify water naturally. According to Ayurvedic, the water kept in the copper vessel adds beneficial elements to the body. At the same time, besides its health benefits, there will be no adverse reactions to nature.

 Use of bamboo toiletries

Replace plastic toiletries. You can use bamboo toiletries instead. Many local and foreign companies make various bamboo toiletries, including toothbrushes, combs, and cotton buds. Because bamboo grows quickly, products made from it are readily available. After these materials are used and thrown away, they will easily mix in nature.

 Use of chemical-free pesticides

You can opt for natural products instead of chemicals to protect yourself from mosquitoes and other insects while traveling. Various natural oils work well to repel insects.

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