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worldwide demonstrations to resolve the climate crisis
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Worldwide demonstrations to resolve the climate crisis

Worldwide demonstrations to resolve the climate crisis


Thousands of people in 99 countries have come together to demand immediate action to address the climate issue.

The first rallies against the climate crisis since the Corona pandemic occurred last Friday. Protests hold around the world just weeks before the COP-26 climate conference in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Germany’s general election is coming up in just two days. This demonstration has been planned in the meantime. Greta Thunberg told a crowd of over 100,000 that no political party had played a significant role in tackling the climate crisis.

According to the organizers, the protests have been held in 1,800 cities around the world. There have been large-scale protests in Europe, Africa, and North and South America.

Environmentalists have staged a three-day protest in front of a state-controlled oil company in Mexico City and 12 South African cities, demanding a reduction in carbon emissions.

Demonstrations have also taken place in front of Parliament in London to take a stronger stand on climate issues. There have also been large-scale protests in Canada, Brazil, and Argentina.

Greta Thunberg, an environmentalist protesting in front of the German parliament, said, “We can turn things around now if we want to. Now, natural disasters are being seen all over the world. We are frustrated and angry.

We need infrastructural change. At the same time, we need a social plan through which we can take action. ‘Environmentalists in Germany have upfronted the issue of 180 people being dead due to heavy rain last July/21.

Not only environmentalists but also UN Secretary-General António Guterres have recently expressed dissatisfaction with failed climate change initiatives. “We are light years away from fulfilling the climate change targets,” he remarked.

Guterres’ dissatisfaction shows that the UN’s environmental organizations have grown powerless in the face of politics as well. According to him, carbon emissions must be decreased by 45 percent by 2030.

However, with the current rate of progress, only a 16 percent reduction in carbon emissions will be attainable in the time frame mentioned.

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