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a cat ramp show was held at dhaka
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A Cat Ramp Show was held at Dhaka

A Cat Ramp Show was held at Dhaka

A Cat Ramp Show was held at Dhaka

On February 24, 2023, it held a Cat Ramp show at Jamuna Future Park , Dhaka. The show started at 11-00 am, and it was held in two parts. The first part was Cat husbandry, care, and advice on cats’ food and treatment, which ended at 1-00 pm. And the second part started at 3-00 pm, and it was the main part of the show, which ended at 8-00 pm.

About 5000 cats of different types and sizes were brought by their owners and took participated in the shows.

To protect/preserve the forest, to build sympathetic relations between humans and animals, to act compassionately towards all types of animals in the world and not behave cruelly towards them – under the slogan, the show was held to make aware and inspire the people.

Prominent Chemist and Pets lover Md. Alamgir was the main organizer of the show, and under his leadership, Dr. M. Helal, Editor of the The Daily Campus, was attending as a chief guest;

famous singer of the young generation Mehreen Mahmud, actress Naila Nayem, Prominent Footballer Kaiser Hamid, Mr. Niyamat Ali, Editor of Dhaka University Alemanni News and Engr. Md. Mahfuzur Rahman, Superintending Engineer of BWDB and Adviser of , was present as a guest of honors in the show.

a cat ramp show was held at dhaka

Mr. Aminul Islam Tubbus, President of “The Tourist Cyclist Organization”, Mr. Dider Hossain Patwary, Coordinator of

“Amra Dhanmondibashi (We are the residents of Dhanmondi areas),” Young Cultural personality Nyeem Hossain Noyon, Animal Rescued personality Afzal Khan (@robinhood was present as a special guest and speaker of the show. Miss Summay Supriya and Miss Sabuku Nahar were presenters in the show.

The chief and special guests, among other speakers, praised the organizers for holding such a unique event on time. In their speeches, the speakers also requested the audience to build a ” Smart Bangladesh

 ” of honorable Bangladesh’s prime minister’s announcement, to love all types of animals and prevention of violence and torture, remember their benefits in society, and maintain the ecological balance.

Quoted from the holy Quran and Hadith, some speakers said that husbandry cats as a pet is not harmful in the light of Islam; rather, it said to care for cats as per Hadith.

The show was held in five events: “Eating Cat’s Competition,”” Catwalks, dress up the cat as the owner chooses, and “Catwalks in response to its owners.

” A prize distribution ceremony was also held at the end of the show, and won prizes that stood in the first, second, and third positions in the competition.

At the end of the show, a short film made on the rescue operations of the pets’ animals by Mr. Afzal Khan (Robinhood) and his team was displayed where it showed how the Robin hood team rescued the animals which were subjected to torture by some miscreants and which fell in danger.

After the display of the short film, Mr. Robinhood requested the audience to be kind to animals. He also asked the young to participate in his team as a volunteer to rescue and nurse the animals that are falling in danger.

The showed end with thanks from the chair.

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