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A new platform called ‘Jubo BAPA'” has been launched to protect the environment

A new platform called ‘Jubo BAPA'” has been launched to protect the environment


Everything in human life connects with the environment. We must save the environment to save ourselves. Moreover, for this purpose, a platform in Bangladesh called ” Jubo BAPA (Youth BAPA)” has been launched by involving the Youth in the environment protection movement by combining various organizations and Youth.

The announcement of the ”Jubo BAPA” program declares in a press conference organized by the Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA)  at the National Press Club of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Sultana Kamal , the President of BAPA, said, “Youth is the most promising people, the most powerful and brave. Youth have led all kinds of movements, starting from the language movement and liberation war. They can take risks. Young people have more time and opportunities ahead of them.”

Referring to BAPA’s work on the environment, Sultana Kamal said, “Everything in human life is related to the environment. Other developers will also hinder if the living environment is not clean and pollution-free.

She emphasized protecting nature, ‘It is our responsibility to preserve what nature has given us. Environment closely interlinks with daily human life.”

Sharif Jamil read the written statement at the press conference: “Jubo BAPA has formed to unite the youth, exchange knowledge, ideas, and skills, and impart environmental education to organize and accelerate the environmental movement.”

The age limit for young BAPA members is 18 to 35 years, and the age limit for teenage BAPA members is 12 to 18 years.

Jubo BAPA will work by bringing together various youth organizations, educational institutions, and local Youth.

To become a member of Jubo BAPA, one has to go to the site jubobapa.org to get detailed information along with the application form.

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