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a record amount of ice melted in the antarctic ocean in february due to warming
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A record amount of ice melted in the Antarctic Ocean in February due to warming

A record amount of ice melted in the Antarctic Ocean in February due to warming

The news of polar ice melting due to warming is not new. But gradually, it is taking a terrible shape. According to satellite images, snow melt was highest in February this year.

Scientists claim that such low ice has never been seen in the South Polar Sea. They fear that if this continues, the Arctic Ocean will become ice-free soon. Polar scientists are losing sleep thinking about its consequences.

Before this, on February 25, 2022, the Arctic Ocean recorded the least ice. The floating ice that day was 1.92 million square kilometers.

A review of recent satellite images shows that on February 12, the ice sheet floating over the Antarctic Ocean covered an area of ​​1.79 million square kilometers.

Scientists claim that polar ice does not melt even in strong sunlight. The sun is scattered in the white snow. Even then, the villain warming behind the ice melting at this rate is warming.

A recent report on the polar regions was published in the Guardian newspaper. It also notes that the South Pole has never had such little ice. Scientists see ominous signs in this incident.

They said the sea level would rise as the polar ice melts. Also, floating sea ice prevents polar storms. The area will no longer be safe due to ice melting. This will change the local topography.

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