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a snowy environment increases vitality
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A snowy environment increases vitality

A snowy environment increases vitality

A snow-covered environment increases vitality. Keep away from drugs. Research conducted in UK and Poland found these data. Although it conducted a similar study in green or aquatic environments, the results in cooler environments are much more positive.

The white ice around the eye rim will make anyone happy. However, a group of researchers from the UK and Poland says that the environment is beneficial not only for the mind and vision but also for health.

An International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published their research recently.

Viren Swamy, Professor of Social Psychology, said, “Our research has shown positive changes in the body of a person in contact with nature. Even in many cases, it has seen this result immediately. The time of snowfall, the environment, and the light benefit the body.”

Researcher Viren Swamy further claimed that a cool environment helps increase vitality or prevent intoxicants. Besides, he said that people feel better physically and mentally in a free environment due to the worries and stress of daily life.

Viren and scientists from the Medical University of Silesia in Poland conducted this study on 87 women. They had to answer some questions before being sent into the icy environment. All of which are related to medical science.

Professor Viren Swamy added, “One of the things we are interested in is whether different natural environments have similar effects.”

However, a previous study found that blue spaces, or water views, were more effective than green spaces. Researchers want to conduct extensive research on this.

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