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A survey says the armed struggle is responsible for the extinction of gorillas
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A survey says the armed struggle is responsible for the extinction of gorillas

A survey says the armed struggle is responsible for the extinction of gorillas

By Adnan Tazvir

In the deep jungle where gorillas are supposed to live with their families, people are now entering to hide. Behind the forest, there are various secret armed struggles.

Armed conflict is mainly responsible for the extinction of not only gorillas but also other wildlife. This sensational information has come up in a recent survey by an organization engaged in nature conservation work.

Of the 219 species on the verge of extinction, the gorilla is the most worrying. On the one hand, the destruction of the forest’s wildlife is a threat to wildlife, and on the other hand, the armed struggle of activists involved in guerrilla warfare from hiding in the jungle.

Apart from gorillas, 219 species now in endanger for the same two reasons. Secret armed struggle is a cause of human loss and a cause of great oppression and destruction of nature.

The agency has concluded by conducting a study on about 7,000 civil war and forest-related incidents. This problem is more prevalent in the border areas of the Sahara Desert that is, in West and Central Africa.

More than thirty thousand animals and plants endanger, and several species of animals have identified as almost extinct. Congo, Rwanda, and Uganda – these three countries have the most gorillas in crisis. People are now entering the jungle, where they live with their families. The armed struggle also goes on behind the forest.

According to the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), 15 percent of the forest core area reserve. However, in 3 percent of the regions, some militias or militants wage guerrilla warfare. It is possible to protect the wildlife by saving nature by conserving and maintaining the balance.

Kirsten Walker, an environmentalist and sociologist at the organization, reported it. If such wars do not stop, the gorillas will be in much more danger than humans will.

However, before the survey conducted of this organization, it could not understand that human-to-human fighting creates endangered species. This is probably the most significant example of indifference towards them.

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