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The world lungs Amazon Forest is wounded
International Environment Zeba Tarannum

The world lungs Amazon Forest is wounded

The world lungs Amazon Forest is wounded

By Zeba Tarunnum

Amazon Forest, ‘the lungs of the earth’, is now wounded. More than 20% of CO2 released into the air through eclipse.

Amazon forest of Brazil is known as ‘The lungs of the earth.’ Nevertheless, considering the past decade, there is no way to depend on the world’s largest tropical forest for environmental cleanliness. The South American Amazon forest gives up 20% more CO2 than its absorbing, which is a matter of concern for the Environmentalists.

The information gave a research paper published in the journal “Nature Climate Change” to estimate from 2010 to 2019. Amazon has released 16.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide and absorbed only 13.9 billion tons during this period.

Therefore, the rest is staying in the environment. By this, it is evident that we can no longer rely on the Amazon to survive worldwide global warming and environmental pollution.

Pierre Wigner, one of the authors of the research paper, said their assumption was exactly half of that. However, Amazon surprised them all by changing that calculation as well. It does not understand how to handle this change. Rather, it fears how the situation is getting worse day by day.

Nevertheless, suddenly why this well-known green forest is showing the opposite form?

By cutting down trees as desired, the environment and natural imbalances and fires have gradually eroded and created today’s environment in the ‘lungs of the world’ Amazon.

After Zaire Bolsonaro was elected president of Brazil in 2019, the situation in the Amazon has worsened. In 2019, the situation was in a much worse position than the previous two years.

In August 2019, Amazon was burned for a long time. Although, Fires on the Amazon are very common. It was seen that there was about 83% more inflammation in 2019 compared to 2018.

After looking at pictures taken by artificial satellites, Environmentalists claimed, the fire was not natural, but manmade. Environmentalists are worried about the latest estimates. Right now, they are thinking how to get Amazon back to its old condition.

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