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about 2000 children die a day worldwide due to health problems caused by air pollution
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About 2,000 children die a day worldwide due to health problems caused by air pollution

About 2,000 children die a day worldwide due to health problems caused by air pollution

About 2,000 children die from health problems worldwide linked to air pollution. It is now the second leading cause of premature death.

A report from the US-based Health Effects Institute stated that in 2021, 8.1 million people died due to air pollution, accounting for about 12% of all deaths.

This means that air pollution has surpassed tobacco use and poor diet. It has become the second leading risk factor for premature death after high blood pressure.

Young children are particularly vulnerable to air pollution. The United Nations Children’s Fund is a partner in the US agency UNICEF’s annual State of Global Air report. The report highlights the urgent need for global action to address the devastating impacts of air pollution on public health.

We should work on decreasing emissions and improving air quality to protect the most vulnerable, especially young children, from the harmful impacts of pollution. Collaboration and policy interventions at both national and international levels are essential in tackling this pressing issue.

This report uses data from over 200 countries and regions collected by the US-based Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation as part of the Global Burden of Disease Study.

The study provides a comprehensive analysis of the impact of various diseases, injuries, and risk factors on populations worldwide. It offers valuable insights into the state of global health and informs public health policies and interventions.

The report says that air pollution causes the deaths of over 700,000 children under five years old. Indoor cooking using dirty fuels like coal, wood or dung is responsible for more than 500,000 of these child deaths. Most of these deaths occurred in Africa and Asia.

“These are problems that we know can be solved,” said Pallavi Pant, head of global health at the Health Effects Institute.

The report also found that nearly everyone in the world breathes in unhealthy levels of air pollution every day. More than 90 percent of deaths are linked to particulate air pollution called PM 2.5. Breathing PM 2.5 increases the risk of lung cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other health problems.

The report also found that ozone pollution could worsen as the world warms due to human-made climate change. It was responsible for nearly five million deaths in 2021. Furthermore, the report emphasized that action needs to be taken urgently to address this global health crisis.

Stricter emissions regulations and cleaner energy sources are important for reducing the harmful effects of air pollution on people and the environment.

Pallavi Pant stated that many places in the world are having brief but strong air pollution events during situations like wildfires, dust storms, or extreme heat. They can disrupt the ozone layer.

According to him, both climate change and air pollution have ‘almost the same solution’, especially reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

He also said more could be done about using dirty dry fuel for indoor cooking. He points out how China has made significant progress in this regard.

More than 20 million people cook over open fires in simple stoves or indoors. They inhale harmful fumes.

Deaths of young children due to air pollution-related issues have decreased by over 50% since 2000. This improvement is partly because modern stoves are being used.

“Every day almost 2,000 children under five die from the consequences of air pollution.” “Our inaction is having a profound impact on the next generation.”

“We must act now to tackle air pollution and protect our children’s health.” Without significant changes, the next generation will continue to suffer from the consequences of air pollution. We must keep working to reduce air pollution to safeguard the health of children globally.

By implementing cleaner technologies and sustainable practices, we can work towards a healthier future for all. It’s crucial for government and industry to make changes in order to reduce air pollution. If we want to ensure a healthier future for our children, immediate action is necessary to improve air quality.

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