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Air pollution also spreads harmful germs
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Air pollution also spreads harmful germs

Air pollution also spreads harmful germs

By Amila Khan

The devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic continues around the world. Even a year is being gone, the spread of infection is still rising and not being suppressed in any way. And just when there is no end to the ordinary people’s worries due to this deadly disease, the climate, and the ecosystem.

In a recent study in the journal Atmospheric Research, a team of scientists from the University of Granada, Spain, claimed that the deadly Covid-19 Corona and any unicellular microorganism, called bacteria, could cause rapid infections. The new study further states that these germs can harm human and animal health and greatly affect the climate and ecosystem.

In a study published in the Journal of Health, researchers found that any bacteria can quickly spread dirty germs from one place or container to another, and in some cases, even stronger. As a result, not only the human body but also the environment is badly affected and threatened.

According to scientists at the University of Granada (UGR) in Spain, these aerosols act as ‘launch vehicles’ for bacteria. They could pose a risk of disease transmission all over the world.

They explained that the bacteria iberulite is made up of multiple minerals—huge atmospheric bio-aerosol, measured at an average of about one hundred microns.

Although these bio-aerosols were discovered in 2008, scientists say the mechanism by which bacteria are involved in the formation of atmospheric iberulites is still unknown.

In the current study, researchers analyzed atmospheric dust deposits in Granada city of Spain, where they showed that these infected bacteria’s character was somewhat different. Its composition consisted mainly of clay, quartz, and carbonate minerals and iron oxides somewhat less.

According to researchers, these aerosols may have spread all over the world. They are more prevalent in areas where dust initially flows from desert areas. As a result, these types of harmful germs can spread the infection further.

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