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Air Pollution Fir- works declared a ban on 24 districts along with Delhi

Air Pollution: Firworks declared a ban on 24 districts along with Delhi

Air Pollution: Firworks declared a ban on 24 districts along with Delhi

Fireworks declared a total ban on the 24 districts and capital Delhi to minimize India’s air pollution. This ban was activated from the mid-night on November 9, 2020, and will continue till November 30, 2020.

But not alone the Delhi, cities that are most air polluted in India, has ordered the imposition of several restrictions by the Environmental Court of India. And also asked the pollution control authority of the states to be active.

Before this, Kolkata high court has passed an order to ban all kinds of fireworks in the Whole of West Bengal in a verdict against a case filed regarding public interest to control air pollution.

In the same way, the environment Court of the country took a rigid position regarding fire-works. This ban was declared just one week before Diwali, a famous Hindu religious festival where fire a huge amount of FireWorks. No fireworks make in Whole of November 2020.

Though this ban imposed on target to the capital Delhi, the court was also told to impose it in some other cities in the threat of air pollution.

It was directed in the verdict, ‘Air quality in those cities was below the standard level in the last November, will keep under this order.” In cities where air pollution levels are under control, only “green fireworks” will be allowed.

The Environmental Court also recommended that the state government set a time limit for burning fireworks in cities where air pollution is not high. However, if there are no restrictions, the environmental court has set a time limit of one hour or two.

The verdict said, “Unless specified, fireworks can be lit on Diwali and Guruparb from 8 pm to 10 pm, Chhat Puja from 8 am to 8 am and on Christmas and New Year from 11:55 pm to 12:30 pm.”

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