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air pollution in delhi has reached severe levels
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Air pollution in Delhi has reached severe levels

Air pollution in Delhi has reached severe levels

Delhi’s air is toxic for the third day in a row! According to the doctors of the capital, the city’s air pollution has reached a critical level. Inhalation has the same potential for physical damage as smoking 25-30 cigarettes.

According to Central Pollution Control Board data, the capital’s air quality (AQI) on November 19, 2023, morning was 504. Which is much higher than healthy values ​​(0-50). As a result, Delhi was covered in smog even today.

On the one hand, leaders and ministers have started pushing the responsibility of pollution in Delhi, on the other hand, doctors are worried.

Arvind Kumar, a doctor at Medanta Hospital, said, “Children and the elderly are the biggest victims of excessive pollution. The toxic air is reaching the lungs of the unborn child through the breath of the mother.”

It flows in the blood. The consequences can be dire. There may be various harms to the baby, including the possibility of premature delivery. Doctors are advising Delhiites to be careful in this situation.

Meanwhile, Delhi Environment Minister Gopal Rai claims that not only Delhi, but the entire North India is suffering from pollution. He blamed neighboring states Uttar Pradesh and Haryana for this.

Gopal claims that neighboring states are responsible for 69 percent of Delhi’s pollution. Gopal also questioned the Union Environment Minister’s goodwill on the issue of pollution in Delhi.

Delhi Purnigam has been actively engaged in combating air pollution. Fifty-two teams have been formed and deployed in different areas of the capital to monitor this issue and take appropriate action.

The Department of Works has implemented an impressive arsenal of 60 anti-smoke cannons. However, serious pollution cannot be prevented.

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