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air pollution starts worsening again after the eid holiday in dhaka
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Air pollution starts worsening again after the Eid holiday in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Air pollution starts worsening again after the Eid holiday in Dhaka, Bangladesh


Although air pollution in Dhaka decreased during the Eid holidays, it increased again after the Eid al-Fitr festival.

According to the Air quality index (AQI Index), a US-based international organization for air quality verification, air pollution levels in Dhaka rose to 129 on May 11, which previously recorded 21 to 45 AQI on Eid on May 3, 2022.

For a few days before the Eid holiday, the air conditioning at Dhaka was terrible. After that, on the day of Eid on May 3, the people of Dhaka got clean air. The air quality index in Dhaka on that day was 21.

Experts say about One million people have left the capital on the occasion of Eid. Traffic was light at this time of the year.

In addition, significant sources of air pollution such as construction work and factories were closed. Besides, pollution decreases due to heavy rains on Eid morning.

According to an AQI report, on May 3, the air quality index in Dhaka was 21 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. At that time, PM2.5, which is very harmful to the human body in the air, was five micrograms per cubic meter. According to experts, which is ‘good.’ However, by noon, it had risen to 50.

However, on Wednesday (May 11), the air quality in the capital rose again to 129, which is pretty good. Dhaka now ranks seventh in the world.In the first place is Mumbai, India, whose pollution level is 167. Which, experts say, is unhealthy.

Professor. Ahmed Kamruzzaman Majumder, Air quality expert and chairman of the Department of Environmental Sciences at Stamford University, BD, said, “The first reason for the fresh air on the day was Eid that the air quality has improved due to rain in and around Dhaka in the morning.

The second reason is that the wind speed was 12 to 15 kilometers per hour, which sometimes went up to 25 kilometers. The higher the airflow, the better the air quality.”

“Meanwhile, many people have left the capital, due to which air pollution has also decreased. Besides, factories, construction works, and brick kilns close during the Eid holidays. However, everything is slowly coming back. As a result, the pollution level is increasing,” he added.

He expressed concern that this level may increase further after all opens.

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