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requested a quick release of golden rice in bangladesh
Agriculture Aivee Akther

The International Rice Research Institute has requested a quick release of ‘Golden Rice’ in Bangladesh

The International Rice Research Institute has requested a quick release of ‘Golden Rice’ in Bangladesh


A high-level delegation from the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) has requested a quick ‘Golden Rice’ release in Bangladesh. They have requested Abdur Razzak, Minister of Agriculture, Bangladesh.

In reply, the agriculture minister said, “The issue of approval of Golden Rice in the country is currently under consideration in the Ministry of Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change (MoEFCC).”

Besides, the agriculture minister also raised the objections of environmentalists and civil society regarding the approval of Golden Rice.

Nafis Mia, Representative of IRRI Asia, disclosed the information after finishing the meeting with the Agriculture Minister at the Secretariat. The Minister of Agriculture sought further cooperation from the IRRI delegation in developing and researching various stress-tolerant rice varieties, including salinity and drought.

“The Honorable Prime Minister of Bangladesh will invite as the chief guest at the International Paddy Conference in 2023,” Nafis Mia added.

The delegation assured cooperation in this regard. The delegation said that Bangladeshi scientists would be able to train various subjects, including rapid rice variety innovation, at a world-class laboratory set up at the IRRI, South Asia Regional Office in Varanasi, India.

During the meeting, the Agriculture Minister said, “We emphasize the development of different rice varieties tolerant to salinity and drought to make food security sustainable.

Scientists in the country have already developed many varieties of high quality. More varieties are needed. We want IRRI cooperation regarding this.

Later, while exchanging views with journalists, the Minister said,” If there is no significant natural calamity, there is no chance of food crisis this year in Bangladesh.

The condition of the paddy in the field is good at the moment. This year, boro crop has planted 90,000 hectares more land than the target. Out of 0.4 million 52 thousand hectares of land in Haor, about 7 thousand hectares of paddy land got damaged due to early floods.

However, due to timely protection of the submergible embankment at Haors in Bangladesh, favorable weather, and rapid paddy harvesting through modern types of machinery, it has already been possible to save and harvest a massive paddy in the Haors.

Currently, there is a crisis of soybean oil in the country. In such a context, work is underway to reduce the country’s dependence on edible oil imports by increasing sugarcane cultivation. In the next three to four years, it will be possible to produce 40 percent of the demand for edible oil locally.”

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