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along with polythene, plastic is also harmful to the environment
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Along with polythene, plastic is also harmful to the environment

Along with polythene, plastic is also harmful to the environment

The environmentalist organization, People’s Voice, has proposed 11 points to protect the environment, including polythene-free Chattagram, the prime port city of Bangladesh.

The statement signed by Sharif Chauhan, the organization’s president, and Syed Muhammad Atiqur Rahman, the general secretary, said that Chattagram had become a death trap due to the pollution of polythene and plastic waste.

People’s Voice has been actively protecting the environment, including hill cutting in the city, for a long time.

Meanwhile, the Chattagram city mayor and Chattagram district administration have announced a complete ban on the use of polythene in the city from July 1, 2023.

People’s Voice welcomed this decision and said, “Along with polythene, plastic is equally harmful. So, it is imperative to limit the use of plastic products.”

However, despite the announcement of the polythene ban, the initiatives taken to stop its use need to be corrected, People’s Voice believes.

“It is essential to take effective and permanent measures to protect the environment and remember this decision over time, “the organization noted.

A comprehensive plan with 11 specific proposals has been put forward to address these concerns. Stop polythene factories, ban the import of raw materials for polythene, push eco options like jute, paper, and cloth, and strict laws with high penalties against polythene.

Additionally, mobile courts will take legal action against those found storing or selling polythene. The organization

Suggestions have been made to stop using polythene daily and enforce laws against dumping plastic waste in rivers, drains, and open spaces. Policies to limit the use of plastic products should also be formulated and followed.

Don’t cut trees for mega projects—plant trees across the city to protect against heat. Remove illegal settlements in the hills to save the remaining hills.

 If these steps are taken immediately, the adverse impact on the environment will remain the same. The notification said,

“The all-consuming form of polythene has become visible in the mega project of capital dredging and canal renovation of the Karnaphuli River. If this continues, these projects worth thousands of rupees will fail.

“It will disrupt public life. Funding and all initiatives will fail. Therefore, let us all pledge to protect the environment for a beautiful and healthy future.”

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