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World Localization Day 2023 celebrated in Dhaka
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 World Localization Day 2023 celebrated in Dhaka

 World Localization Day 2023 celebrated in Dhaka

Ziaur Rahman
Senior Project Officer, IWB

 World Localization Day 2023 celebrated in Dhaka

Today, 21 June 2023, is World Localization Day. Today, the day is celebrated with due dignity worldwide under the slogan ‘Local solutions to global disasters‘.

As a result of globalization, the global system was developed over the last few decades. It is threatened today by war and human-made environmental degradation.

Due to this, severe food shortages and price inflation have appeared in various countries of the world. Bangladesh is also a victim of this situation. It is possible to play a role in solving multiple disasters in the world by strengthening the local economy.

World Localization Day was celebrated today in Dhaka with an exhibition, discussion meeting, and cultural program at the Institute of Wellbeing Bangladesh (IWB) office. The Institute of Wellbeing Bangladesh and WBB Trust (Work for a Better Bangladesh) organized the event.

 World Localization Day 2023 celebrated in Dhaka

The exhibition organized showcases indigenous vegetables, fruits, seeds of various food products, traditional sports, indigenous culture, handicrafts, etc. In addition, the farmers’ market management model, which is one of the foundations of strengthening the local economy, was also exhibited.

 World Localization Day 2023 celebrated in Dhaka

 Shapla Khatun from the Institute of Wellbeing Bangladesh moderated the discussion meeting where social worker Farida Akhtar, public health expert Abu Jamil Faisal,

environmental science expert Dr. Ahmed Kamruzzaman Majumdar, Senior Advisor of HealthBridge Foundation of Canada, Debra Ifrimson, Executive Director of Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust, and Saifuddin Ahmed spoke at the meeting.

 World Localization Day 2023 celebrated in Dhaka

Debra Ifrimson said, our core identity is that we are people, not customers. Today, corporations control us. Our small entrepreneurs are our natural assets. Prioritize our environment, local people, and local economy rather than making big corporations richer. This is the main message of localization.

Dr. Ahmed Kamruzzaman Majumdar said, “Although globalization has occurred, the spread of technology or knowledge has not happened that way.

Globalization has had a major impact on climate change. Due to the impact of globalization, the use of single-use plastics in the country has increased manifold.

Our bamboo or brass industry is lost. To bring back localization, the younger generation must strive. Those of us who know about our local culture should convey this message to future generations.”

 World Localization Day 2023 celebrated in Dhaka

Abu Jamil Faisal said, “Our unhealthy eating habits have increased the prevalence of non-communicable diseases in particular.

Due to excessive advertising, people are moving away from local vegetables and leaning towards chips and junk food. Even our local games like Kabaddi, Kanamachi, and Gollachut have disappeared. Currently, children do not have any opportunities for physical activity.

Through today’s initiatives, efforts have been made to introduce the future generation to various traditional materials, sports, culture, and local vegetables. By bringing back the local culture that we had, we can truly develop.

Farida Akhtar said, “Importing food from other countries emits sixteen billion tons of carbon, which accelerates our climate crisis. Localization of food management can solve this problem to a large extent.

Farmers’ markets have become very popular in many countries around the world these days. This concept has also been popular in Bangladesh. Through this, we can reduce carbon emissions in food transportation.”

Saifuddin Ahmed said, ” Many local things have been lost because of our plan. All our plans are Dhaka-centric.

As a result, there was no development in other cities. We can be self-sufficient in times of disaster as well as strengthen the local economy by developing evenly and producing our own products ourselves.”

Shahid Alam Chowdhury, Program Coordinator, Grameen Euglena Corporation, MA Mannan Monir, Founder, Dhaka Ideal Cadet School, HM Nurul Islam, Head Teacher, Dhanmondi Kachikanth High School, Khalid Hossain,

Founder, Council of Minorities also spoke on the occasion., Radrik Hasan, Bangladesh Medical Student Society, Jannatul Ferdous, Class IX Student, Dhaka Ideal Cadet School, Masuma Khatun Sathi, President & Founder, Aponghar Foundation, Ivan Ahmed Katha, Founder, Katha Kala Kendra.

 World Localization Day 2023 celebrated in Dhaka

The event concluded with a cultural program.

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