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a human chain of villagers from six villages to protect the kajli river in munshiganj, bangladesh
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A human chain of villagers from six villages to protect the Kajli River in Munshiganj, Bangladesh

A human chain of villagers from six villages to protect the Kajli River in Munshiganj, Bangladesh

The residents of Ghazaria of Munshiganj formed a human chain to demand the protection of the Kajli River flowing over the Hossaindi and Tengarchar Unions of the Upazila. On June 4, 2023, morning, the local people made a human chain on the river bank in the Hossaindi area.

Thousands of people from Hossaindi, Tengarchar, Nibichar, Paist Hossaindi Kharakandi, and Bara Bhaterchar villages of the upazila participated in the human chain. The program was held from 10:30 am to 11:30 am.

The participants in the human chain and local residents said that Hossaindi, Tengarchar, Nibichar, Payast Hossaindi, Kharakandi, and Bara Bhaterchar villages are separated from the mainland by the Kajli River.

It is the main means of Naval communication and the livelihood of the people of the villages. But recently, some parts of the river have been encroached on. The river is getting narrower day by day. In addition, silt accumulation has lost navigability.

During the dry season, the boats are not able to move properly. So, they demanded to restore navigability by clearing the encroachment and dredging the river to save it.

Sohag Pradhan, a resident of Payast Hossaindi village, said, “In the dark of night, some influential local people have filled several areas of the river with sand using dredgers. They cannot suppress in any way because the administration does not take strict action regarding them.

Local trawler driver Shahabuddin said, “Trawler traffic almost stopped due to the encroachment of some parts of the river and the loss of navigability due to silt accumulation in some parts. Now 25-30 trawlermen like me have no job. People are no longer able to use the river for transporting goods.”

Nurul Islam of Tengarchar village said, “This river has been used for our livelihood since birth. The river is dying. The administration and the Water Development Board need to excavate the river and free it from encroachment.

Mominul Haque, Former Joint General Secretary of Ghazaria Upazila Awami League; Mozammel Haque, Former President of Upazila Volunteer League; Mohammad Jasim Uddin, Vice President of Rivers, Canals, and Environment Protection Committee, President of Hossaindi Union Awami League were present in the human chain among others. Sahabuddin and others.

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