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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos pledges to spend 2 billion to restore the environment

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos pledges to spend 2 billion to restore the environment


Jeff Bezos, founder and chairman of the world’s top e-commerce company Amazon, announced that he would spend 2 billion to restore the natural landscape and restore the food chain through his established Earth Fund.

While attending the ongoing United Nations Climate Conference (COP-26) in Glasgow, Scotland, he made these remarks.

Bezos shared one of his space experiences at the conference. He observed the earth’s natural environment in a very fragile state in space.

Jeff Bezos spoke of his efforts to restore nature when he and other top millionaires got accused of indulging in useless luxuries without working for the world’s needs.

In addition, some Bezos employees have even accused Amazon of not complying with environmental policies.

However, Bezos further said that “Many parts of the world have now become major sources of carbon.”

The BBC reported that the Bezos Earth Fund had raised a total of 10 billion dollars to tackle climate change.

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