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an initiative to observe a month without plastic to protect the environment
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An initiative to observe a month without plastic to protect the environment

An initiative to observe a month without plastic to protect the environment

To observe Plastic Free July, Environment and Social Development Organization – ESDO organized a day-long mobile campaign on July 14, 2023, at various locations in Dhaka city.

The campaign has been effectively driven by conveying the awareness message ‘Come forward in the fight against plastic pollution’ aiming at the need to end plastic pollution,

Plastic Free July is an initiative by Plastic Free Foundation. It is a global movement that aims to create a world free of plastic waste. This initiative first took in 2011.

The award-winning Plastic Free July campaign has been in the news for years, encouraging the general public to reduce plastic use and keep our soil, seas, and communities clean.

The mobile campaign started at Dhaka University’s TSC premises at 9 am on July 7, 2023. Through this campaign, people’s opinion is also asked about the use of plastic and its effects.

Most people welcomed this initiative by ESDO and expressed concern about the harmful effects of plastic on the environment. They appealed to the government too. Immediately stop the production of single-use plastic and make its alternatives available.

There was spontaneous participation of people in this day-long mobile campaign. Although many were initially unaware of the Global Plastics Agreement, they expressed their support for the agreement after being informed about it.

The campaign started from TSC, passed through Jatiya Press Club, passed through Hatirjheel, Gulshan, and Sangsad Bhavan, and ended at Dhanmondi Lake of Dhaka City at 5:30 pm.

Hazardous chemicals used in manufacturing plastics are released into the environment after disposal. According to recent research, more than 13,000 chemicals are variously involved in plastics and plastic manufacturing.

These harmful chemicals enter the human body through the food chain and cause severe damage to health. In February 2022, following the resumption of the fifth session of the UN Environment Council (UNIA-5.2), a historic resolution (5/14) was adopted to develop an international legally binding policy on plastic pollution in the marine environment.

For which x must complete the negotiations before the end of 2024. The legislation will base on a detailed approach that will address the entire life cycle of plastics.

 The program of INC-2 has already been completed by deciding to prepare a new treaty, “Zero Draft,” for review at the Third Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee (INC-3).

To raise awareness about the harmful aspects of plastic, inform people about the Global Plastics Agreement and garner their support for efforts to stop plastic pollution, ESDO today launched a mobile campaign.

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